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Kirk Herbstreit exposes the (totally boring) secret of ESPN's SEC bias

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Good morning! It's your daily roundup of college football news.

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ESPN kicked off its fall camp coverage at Ohio State, the national champion. ABC/ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit took the opportunity to note the network, often accused of being biased in favor of SEC teams, was giving priority attention to a Big Ten team.

The network has often been accused of favoring the SEC, with critics citing its ownership of the SEC Network. Herbstreit is both perhaps the sport's most respected media voice and an Ohio State graduate, giving him several perspectives to consider.

His tweet set off a round of responses, which he fielded.

Media companies devote more programming to the teams more people care about at the moment. That's usually going to be the team doing the best. It's rarely any more sinister than that. Dan Rubenstein explained all this last season, when SEC bias was a constant accusation:

Speaking of Ohio State, the Buckeyes flipped a coin to see whether Cardale Jones or J.T. Barrett would get first-team reps. Cardale won.

Good enough? Mississippi State will be good again in 2015, but is it "good" enough to stay out of the cellar in the SEC West? Bill Connelly previews the Bulldogs.

Lights out. Oregon is teasing actual glow-in-the-dark uniforms. Now to see if the Ducks actually wear them.

Suspended FSU star Dalvin Cook has evidence that has his attorney pushing for a speedy trial, in hopes of getting him on the field.

Overrated/underrated. Every year, teams underperform based on preseason rankings, while others come out of nowhere to finish in the top 25. Guess which group Oklahoma and Boise State each falls in.

"Seven reasons why Georgia will win a national championship within the next two years." If you say so!

Michigan an underdog? Michigan has a lot of momentum under Jim Harbaugh, but the Wolverines will be underdogs. That role could fit well.

Nkemdiche's time. The former No. 1 recruit is surrounded by enough talent to take over games.

"Potentially the biggest game in Louisville history," Card Chronicle writes of the Cardinals' date with Auburn.

Previewing the Cougs. Washington State site CougCenter put together an outstanding, comprehensive preview of the Cougars. Season predictions are all over the place.

Dummy from up north. Ohio State has a blocking sled that looks like a Michigan player.

Murphy's Law. EDSBS examines the worst possible scenarios for every ACC team.

Medical retirement. After dealing with chronic foot issues, Arizona center Carter Wood, a potential starter, will end his college career.

Wild West. Lots of people think Texas A&M will finish last in the SEC West. Fox Sports' Stewart Mandel thinks the Aggies will win the whole damn league.



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