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Ohio State is the first unanimous preseason No. 1 in the history of the AP Top 25

The AP Top 25 is out, letting us know which numbers will be by which names on the Week 1 schedule.

As a sign that we're getting close to college football, the first AP rankings of 2015 were released Sunday. It's no surprise that reigning national champion Ohio State and its embarrassment of riches at quarterback ranks first in this year's poll, giving the Buckeyes the trifecta of first place in the AP Top 25, Coaches Poll and Bill Connelly's preseason power rankings.

OSU is the first team to earn a unanimous No. 1 in the preseason AP Top 25, receiving all 61 first-place votes. TCU followed the Buckeyes for No. 2, with Alabama at No. 3, just like in the AP Poll. Eight SEC teams are ranked in the Top 25, followed by six in the Pac-12 and three each in the ACC, Big Ten and Big 12.

The Buckeyes have been a near-unanimous No. 1 in every poll (even though some advanced metrics like Alabama a bit more than OSU), with the Crimson Tide and teams like Baylor, Oregon and TCU typically following. All of those teams look like strong contenders to make the College Football Playoff this year. Michigan State and Auburn are also in the mix.

The College Football Playoff's own rankings will begin on November 3. At that point, most fans and media will begin treating those rankings as the official top 25, but for now, the AP is the most widely recognized standard.

Here's the full poll:

Ranking Team First-place votes
1 Ohio State 61
2 TCU 0
3 Alabama 0
4 Baylor 0
5 Michigan State 0
6 Auburn 0
7 Oregon 0
8 USC 0
9 Georgia 0
10 Florida State 0
11 Notre Dame 0
12 Clemson 0
13 UCLA 0
14 LSU 0
15 Arizona State 0
16 Georgia Tech 0
17 Ole Miss 0
18 Arkansas 0
19 Oklahoma 0
20 Wisconsin 0
21 Stanford 0
22 Arizona 0
23 Boise State 0
24 Missouri 0
25 Tennessee 0

Here are the other teams receiving votes:

Mississippi St. 100, Texas A&M 61, Oklahoma St. 46, Virginia Tech 42, Utah 36, Penn St. 20, Louisville 12, Cincinnati 8, Nebraska 6, Kansas St. 5, Florida 4, NC St 4, Texas 3, BYU 2, Michigan 2, Northern Illinois 2, Cal 1, Western Kentucky 1, West Virginia 1.


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