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Virginia Tech's system would fine players more money for 15-yard penalties than missing class

Good morning. It's your wakeup roundup of college football stuff.

Coaches levying fines. Technically college football programs are allowed to fine student-athletes by reducing their scholarship or taking money out of their stipends, but that's a bad idea for a couple big reasons.

Cincinnati and Virginia Tech coaches don't seem to think so. The latter even had a system of fines in place for players, including $100 for an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. There's no indication any money changed hands, and VT's AD has said whatever was happening is no longer happening.

What could go wrong? Dartmouth is now practicing with robotic tackling dummies that can move around on their own and stand back up after getting hit. That's a great idea, and there's no way that creating indestructible, human-sized robots is at all a bad idea.

Michigan takes a hit. There's less than a week until the Jim Harbaugh Era begins, but the Wolverines will have to get started without defensive tackle Bryan Mone, who broke his leg in practice and could end up missing the entire season. Good news, though: the Wolverines landed a 6'3 four-star wide receiver.

Mascots are weird. There are a lot of weird things about mascots, but Peter Berkes has nine things in particular that really irk him about mascots.

Bigger ingredients! Louisville's expanding its football stadium, which is named after Papa John's. Also, Adidas made the Cardinals another alternate uniform, this one almost all-black.

Come ooooon! Michael Jordan gave Jim Harbaugh a call earlier this year, which the Michigan coach immediately assumed must be a prank call.

Arizona State receivers have big shoes to fill. With Jaelen Strong gone to the NFL, the Sun Devils have a group of wide receivers ready to prove they belong.

There's an imposter on the loose, pretending to be South Carolina starting quarterback Connor Mitch.

Utah is most definitely not a cupcake, so sending apology cupcakes is an appropriate action for calling them that.

Knee scope needed for Florida's Martez Ivey. The five-star freshman was expected to be a contributor on the first day, but will now undergo arthroscopic surgery on his knee, although Jim McElwain doesn't think it will be a season-ender.

Speaking of McElwain, he hasn't picked a quarterback yet, so he plans on playing two of them in the opener against New Mexico State.

Why you shouldn't worry about Wisconsin's offense. Well, worry a little about Wisconsin's offense.

Northwestern names starting QB. While McElwain hasn't decided who is signal caller is, Northwestern is rolling with redshirt freshman Clayton Thorson.


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