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New Notre Dame and Auburn uniforms do impossible things, Under Armour claims

How can this possibly be accurate?

Under Armour's new uniforms for Notre Dame, Auburn, Maryland, Utah and Cincinnati were released on Monday, and the changes appear to be fairly minimal.

Under Armour's main hook is that its "Armourgrid" fabric is somehow "UNGRABBABLE," a claim that doesn't seem possible unless people's hands can't get a hold of them. If that were the case, they'd be impossible to put on.

What's the deal, Under Armour? Are you grossly exaggerating the ungrabbability of these jerseys instead of saying they're pretty snug? Or have you crafted magical fiber that cannot be grasped by human hands, but somehow can be put on bodies? We need -- no, deserve -- the truth.

Here are some pictures of these possibly magical uniforms.





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