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UConn football will never ever lose again, according to UConn coach

"We’re going to play as one of the four teams in the playoff and win a national championship."

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Tuesday is Day 2 of AAC media days (Newport, R.I., turn up!), also known as "the day Bob Diaco tried to kickstart Connecticut football's playoff candidacy."

UConn was dreadful in 2014, Diaco's first year in charge of the program, going 2-10 with a 1-7 AAC record. The Huskies are probably still a few years away from a bowl game, but don't tell their coach that.

Of course, Diaco's day would not be complete without mentioning his completely made-up rivalry with UCF, which UConn made a trophy for without telling UCF. Good news, though! Diaco has a new idea:

We should have known it was the year of UConn when the Huskies' stadium was named PAWS ARF.


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