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Baylor AD hopes College Football Playoff will expand to 8 'within 5 years'

Good morning! This is your wakeup roundup of college football stuff.

Ohio State was the last team into the first College Football Playoff, and Baylor was the first team out. People yelled about that, but it was fine.

Now, Baylor AD Ian McCaw is the latest to predict the Playoff will expand to eight teams at some point, hopefully "within five years." Baylor rival TCU has also proposed such a thing recently, as have dozens of coaches and the ACC commish.

McCaw also argues that there's a significant difference in quality between teams that rank barely outside of No. 4 and teams that rank barely outside of No. 8:

"If you're [No.] 9 or 10, it's hard to argue you should be national champion," McCaw said, via ESPN. "But right now, if you're No. 5, and you're a conference champion, and you get left out, you can make a pretty good argument that you could have done what Ohio State did last year."

Last year, No. 5 Baylor lost to No. 8 Michigan State in the Cotton Bowl, which might not have happened if Michigan State had been ranked No. 9.

(No matter where you cut off the entry point, you'll always have a hard time arguing for that entry point, see. That's why these things tend to expand forever.)

Tennessee's underrated. That's baffling to claim, seeing as the only thing it's accomplished since the first Iron Man movie came out is beating Iowa in a bowl game. But let Bill Connelly convince you.

GAMBLING. A giant list of national and conference title odds, with no real surprises atop each conference, other than maybe the Pac-12. USC, huh? USC. Huh.

The SEC, robot murder, and civil wargaming. Just another week at the Shutdown Fullcast, the EDSBS podcast.

2017's No. 1 recruit, the impossibly hyped Dylan Moses, recently dumped his longtime commitment to hometown LSU. Here's the evidence Texas could land him.

Marcus MaAWWWWWWiota. The Heisman winner responds to a young fan who was distraught about the Ducks losing their QB.

"The Sooners will lead the conference in passing defense." When Crimson and Cream Machine says it has bold Oklahoma predictions, now you know it's not lying.

Two biggest commits of the day: Top-30 wide receiver Steven Smothers to West Virginia, and Florida beats the locals for Alabama safety Jeawon Taylor.

Ole Miss stars Laquon Treadwell and Laremy Tunsil have faced a horrific injury and a family debacle, respectively, but head coach Hugh Freeze says all is pretty much well.

Notre Dame, Playoff team, is a pretty good choice. But if the Irish finish with like four losses, then the memory of this ...

... is gonna be a lot of fun for almost everybody.

Also, Notre Dame just lost its fourth contributing player since fall camp began.


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