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Conference realignment flares back up! Sun Belt adding Coastal Carolina

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Good morning! This is your wakeup roundup of college football stuff.

Coastal Carolina University

Coastal Carolina is jumping from FCS to the Sun Belt, SB Nation's Steven Godfrey reports. You know, the team with the teal field and the Wall Street guy as head coach. The SBC's made no secret of its desire to get to 12 teams and host a conference title game, and now it's got a chance to do that in a couple years.

Interviewing Gary Pinkel. Rock M Nation had a great sit down with the Mizzou head coach.

The Solid Verbal, the world's greatest and longest-running college football podcast, is joining SB Nation. Squad.

WOO PIG. I don't have a team to root for, so I jump from school to school. Why Arkansas is my new temporary home.

ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS BAIL? UCLA's Ishmael Adams, named the Pac-12's top DB by Pacific Takes, is facing that after an alleged campus robbery.

You know what depth charts mean? FOOTBALL IS NEAR. Depth chart lightning round:

There are 128 FBS teams, and you should be excited about each of them, plus others, Rodger Sherman explains.

If you want to stare at Jim Harbaugh for four hours, there will be a camera devoted just to him during Michigan-Utah, weirdo.

Hey, it's game week, ICYMI. Land-Grant Holy Land talks Ohio State fans off the ledgeour Notre Dame and Texas sites Q&A their matchupVanquish The Foe explains Nebraska to BYU fans, and oh my goodness huddle up with your team's blog ASAP.

According to computer scientist Jon Bois, people are showing more interest in college football Saturday than they were before.

EASY CALL BACK. The Internet's favorite food-and-football series returns this afternoon, but first! Highlights from our man Dan's brutal 2014 season, in which his picks started bad and then got worse. The food remained very pretty, though.


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