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Mack Brown says he feels no responsibility for the condition of Texas' roster

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Good morning! Here's what you missed in the world of college football.

Texas drama week, Day 4! Texas is charging visiting marching bands for their tickets. Athletic director Steve Patterson says it's standard practice in the conference, but others seem a bit surprised.

Meanwhile, Burnt Orange Nation is furious about previous head coach Mack Brown claiming no responsibility for the current state of the program, even though all this turmoil on offense is looking like a real Charlie Strong problem.

Or, if you prefer to mock the troubles in Texas, may I recommend the season's first This Week in Schadenfreude? It also includes Penn State and others.

How the other half lives. Georgia Southern is definitely NOT Texas, but it is an up-and-coming program, and Steven Godfrey was able to take the all-access trip along to West Virginia.

Well, that happened fast: No. 3 TCU's defense, which entered the year with only six returning starters on defense, has already suffered season-ending injuries to two of those, including last year's sacks leader. Another who was expected to fill in at linebacker has taken a leave of absence. This likely means safeties taking over at linebacker indefinitely.

Ain't played nobody! Think Ohio State's schedule is easy? So does Bill Connelly. But here's why that doesn't matter. And no, it's not because Ohio State is famous.

So what? Speaking of schedules, Oklahoma vs. Tennessee is one of the best Week 2 games. But OU linebacker Eric Striker really wants you to know he's not impressed by the SEC.


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Three really easy ways college football could be more fun, explained in the simplest way possible by someone pretending to be Bo Pelini on Twitter. He's very popular.

The prodigal Tebow returns. The former Florida quarterback didn't stick with the Philadelphia Eagles, but the SEC Network was happy to take him back.

Competition continues. Ole Miss is still trying to figure out its full-time quarterback. Red Cup Rebellion is breaking down who moved the offense most efficiently, but feels like Chad Kelly will eventually win out.

Our Texas A&M blog's graphical preview of each week's game is a must-read, no matter the opponent.

#GoACC! The Pac-12 has a miserable Week 1, and the Big Ten didn't look great, but you know who performed the best against Vegas? The ACC.

Sick kicks? Is Mississippi State wearing some special cleats for the LSU game this weekend?

GRRRRRRRR! Speaking of Adidas, UCLA has some new gear for Bruins fans to look extra-Bruiny.

Wanna know something scary? Ohio State did that against Virginia Tech without arguably its best player. And he's coming back angry.

More Week 2 previews! The Solid Verbal delivers: