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Here's Al Golden looking up at a plane calling for Butch Davis to replace him

Sometimes, you just need to rent a plane and fly a banner because you like one of your team's former coaches.

Al Golden came into the 2015 season on the hot seat at Miami, so it's no surprise that people are calling for his job. However, you'd think people would wait until after a loss to rent a plane and fly a banner over the stadium reading, "MAKE MIAMI GREAT AGAIN -- BUTCH DAVIS 2016."

Ah yes, very good and timely Donald Trump joke, Mr. Banner Writer.

As you'll note in the pictures, Golden saw the banner flying overhead prior to kickoff. There wasn't much in the way of reaction, but it's all just kind of awkward. For further confirmation of the entire situation's awkwardness, here's a video of Golden seeing the banner.