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'WHAT ARE THOSE' and Michigan State's best Week 2 'College GameDay' signs

No, seriously, what are those?

ESPN's College GameDay is in East Lansing for No. 5 Michigan State's matchup with No. 7 Oregon. The signs at the GameDay set can be hit or miss, but every now and then, one really taps into the cultural zeitgeist of the moment and says so much with so few words. This is one of those times.

In other news, someone in attendance wants you to know that Tupac is definitely still alive.

I dare you to say that to his face. This assumes Mark Dantonio knows what Ashley Madison is, and spends waking seconds on things that aren't devoted to hellbent domination of football.

And now, some other internet humor.

Been waiting since 1:30am but we got a great spot! @collegegameday #gomsu

A photo posted by Lauren Kitada (@laurenkitada) on

Can someone confirm?

A photo posted by College GameDay (@collegegameday) on

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an insult, or this sign was made by an Oregon fan. I'd venture a guess that Riley Curry probably isn't watching the game today. Hey, speaking of NBA references:

I woke up like this. #collegegamedaysigns #draymondgreen #nudgeprinting ✌ ️

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That's Michigan State alum Draymond Green, by the way, who just gave a $3.1 million donation to the school for a new weight room.


Note: Jim Harbaugh doesn't wear off-brand khakis. The brand is actually GEORGE from Walmart.

Do you get it? His name is Cook, and that's also what you do to ducks before you eat them, and Oregon's mascot is the Ducks. Get it? There's so many layers!

Big talk from fans of a team that hasn't won a national title since the mid-60s, but I'll allow it.


IT'S GAMEDAY!! #collegegameday #gogreen #BeatOregon #loveyamiley #partyintheUSA

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More of our signs to look for!#collegegamedaysigns #spartannation #v4msu #nudgeprinting #sparty #beatoregon

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Reminder: Jim Harbaugh puts Gatorade in his cereal instead of milk. It's actually not that bad.

S/O to sophomore Maddie reppin' hard at ESPN @collegegameday ✨ #GAMEDAY #MSU #ReachHigher

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And now for the Meek Mill section of our program:

Behold, the first funny "STRAIGHT OUTTA _____" meme!

Thank you for paying attention in history class.