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Oklahoma players have plenty of trash talk (and a middle finger) for Vol fans after overtime win

Head coach Bob Stoops said Monday that discipline will be handled "internally."

Oklahoma escaped from Tennessee with a preposterous comeback win, rallying from 17-0 to win 31-24 in double overtime. They'd heard about the power of the SEC for the past -- oh, let's just say THE ENTIRETY OF THEIR LIVES -- and presumably they heard some things from Tennessee fans during the game. So the Sooners left the field with something to say (and show) to Vols fans.

"Their actions, in the heat of the moment and all emotionally, are absolutely inappropriate, and they'll be dealt with in an educational manner," head coach Bob Stoops said on Monday, while letting off some milder anti-SEC steam of his own. "We'll handle it internally."

Here's star LB Eric Striker (who had been ranting against the SEC earlier in the week):

What was he yelling at those fans?

And here are the Sooners leaving the field, captured by our own Steven Godfrey:

Hey, did you see safety Hatari Byrd in there?