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College football rankings: 3 SEC teams fall out of AP Top 25, but what do computers say?

Below, the composite Top 25, which assembles the two prominent human polls, a well-regarded statistical ranking, and a collection of dozens of rankings.

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Ohio State, Alabama and TCU remain the top three schools in both the AP and USA Today Coaches polls for Week 2. But a second Big Ten team, Michigan State, rises in both to No. 4. The Spartans entered the week at No. 6 in the Coaches and No. 5 in the AP, but a 31-28 win over Oregon pushed them up. They even take two No. 1 AP votes away from the Buckeyes.

Three SEC teams fall out of both polls: Arkansas (who lost to Toledo at home), Tennessee (who lost to AP No. 16 Oklahoma in double overtime) and Mississippi State (who lost to AP No. 13 LSU at home). BYU, Northwestern, Wisconsin and Oklahoma State are the four new ranked AP teams.

The computers are still high on those SEC teams, as preseason projections will remain a factor for those systems for a few more weeks. That's one reason why MSU ranks behind an Oregon team to which it just lost; computers can help guard against overreaction, but they can also take some time to adjust to a new season.

Composite ranking AP Coaches F/+ Massey composite
1 Ohio State 1.25 Ohio State Ohio State Alabama Ohio State
2 Alabama 1.75 Alabama Alabama Ohio State Alabama
3 TCU 4.5 TCU TCU Oregon TCU
4 Baylor 4.75 Michigan State Michigan State Baylor Georgia
5 Michigan State 5.5 Baylor Baylor Georgia Baylor
6 Georgia 6 USC Florida State UCLA Michigan State
7 USC 8.5 Georgia USC Ole Miss Florida State
8 Florida State 8.75 Notre Dame Georgia Michigan State Ole Miss
9 UCLA 10 Florida State Clemson TCU USC
10 Ole Miss 10.25 UCLA Notre Dame LSU Georgia Tech
10 Oregon 10.25 Clemson Ole Miss Georgia Tech Clemson
12 Clemson 11.5 Oregon UCLA USC UCLA
13 Notre Dame 12 LSU Oregon Florida State Oregon
14 Georgia Tech 12.75 Georgia Tech LSU Notre Dame LSU
14 LSU 12.75 Ole Miss Auburn Clemson Oklahoma
16 Oklahoma 16 Oklahoma Georgia Tech Oklahoma Notre Dame
17 Auburn 17.5 Texas A&M Oklahoma Stanford Texas A&M
18 Texas A&M 17.75 Auburn Texas A&M Auburn Wisconsin
19 Missouri 21.25 BYU Arizona Texas A&M Auburn
20 Wisconsin 22.25 Arizona Missouri Arizona State Kansas State
21 Utah 23.75 Utah Utah Boise State Missouri
22 Arizona 24 Missouri BYU Missouri Utah
23 BYU 24.5 Northwestern Wisconsin Arkansas West Virginia
24 Kansas State 26.25 Wisconsin Northwestern Wisconsin BYU
25 West Virginia 28.25 Oklahoma State Oklahoma State Virginia Tech Arizona

The four rankings we use:

The Associated Press Top 25: The longest-running and best-respected human poll. Didn't have any official bearing on the latter years of the BCS, and won't have any official bearing on the Playoff. Expect it to set the course for the committee, however, as most outlets (including SB Nation) will use the AP's rankings as the standard until the committee takes over in November. Usually comes out on Sundays around 2 p.m. ET.

The USA Today Coaches Poll: Formerly part of the BCS, and now just a poll. It tends to be more conservative than the AP's. Though polling athletic departments in order to rank other athletic departments is dubious, we still want multiple human polls in here, and it's the other big one. Releases early Sunday afternoons.

The Massey computer composite: A collection of ... every rating out there, that will be included as soon as it is updated. By including it here, we're giving extra weight to the two human polls, since they're already two of the dozens of ratings included in the Massey. It changes over the course of the week as more rankings arrive.

Football Outsiders' F/+ rating: A synthesis of ratings by smart persons Bill Connelly and Brian Fremeau and our personal go-to overall team stat. It tends to come out later than the others, and will also be added as soon as it is updated.


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