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Oklahoma beat another SEC team, so Bob Stoops made Finebaum take his medicine

Bob Stoops will never stop fighting the good fight against the SEC.

Bob Stoops and his team have been known to take a lot of shots at the SEC, so when Paul Finebaum called Stoops "irrelevant" on SEC Nation before the Sooners' win over Tennessee in Knoxville, you knew Stoops would have something to say about it.

Finebaum actually got DOUBLE STOOPSED. Oklahoma defensive coordinator Mike Stoops defended his team's SEC trash talking after the game by saying, "Paul Finebaum slanders us every time he's on the radio." The postgame celebration was all trash talk. Sooner safety Hatari Byrd flipped off the crowd, while Tennessee coach Butch Jones told Oklahoma star Eric Stryker to "have some damn class."

This might be better than Stoops' trash talk after his last big SEC win. Let's go live to Paul Finebaum for comment.