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Auburn might regret saying it 'shouldn't be difficult' to stop LSU's Leonard Fournette

This might end poorly!

Leonard Fournette is LSU's running back, and he is a very good football player, a potential Heisman Trophy contender. Auburn has a good new defensive coordinator in Will Muschamp, but its defense is just fine, if that, for now.

So you would think Auburn would see LSU's Fournette as a massive problem, right? Not Auburn safety Rudy Ford, who did call Fournette a challenge.

But when he was asked, "You started off saying you have to stop No. 7. How difficult of a challenge will that be exactly?" he replied that it "shouldn't be difficult, that much of a challenge."

OK then! LSU also has quarterback Brandon Harris, who is perfectly capable of running wild on Auburn alongside with Fournette. This feels like a quote that might be revisited Saturday.