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Auburn just learned a valuable lesson: Never, ever, ever talk about Leonard Fournette

The Tigers talked some mild and harmless stuff about the LSU running back, and look what happened. New plan: not a word.

Erich Schlegel-USA TODAY Sports

1. Auburn defensive back Rudy Ford said Tuesday: "The challenge is stopping No. 7. We have to get ready." When asked just how big of a challenge we're talking about here, he said it "shouldn't be difficult, that much of a challenge."

That was a bad idea.

2. A look at LSU's record books entering Saturday:

Fournette's 228 yards now rank No. 6 on that list, and he did it on only 19 carries. He tacked on a nine-yard catch, just for fun. So, arguably the most impressive rushing day in LSU history. Sure, Auburn's defense isn't very good, but neither was 2004 Ole Miss'.

LSU won, 45-21.

3. On the first play of the game, Fournette helped himself to a 71-yard burst right up the middle.

4. Just before halftime, he made this poor Tiger look like a shadow:

5. It took so many college students to bring down Fournette here, I call it a group project:

6. He hurled another miserable opponent so effortlessly that it demanded musical accompaniment:

7. Fournette left the game after dinging his knee while diving for his third touchdown. He would've likely broken that school rushing record (seeing as his fellow Tigers gained 188 of their own rushing yards), but one man can only generate so many embarrassing highlights in one afternoon.

8. If given the option of engaging Fournette in anything ranging from physical contact to verbal acknowledgment, decline. Feign a lack of familiarity with the rules of football and the English language alike. Go to another room. Lurk in the shadows until Leonard Fournette is distracted by spotting something to stomp on.

Images via CBS and USA Today