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TCU and Baylor don't want to call their game a rivalry, but everybody else does

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Good morning! It's your wake-up call on THE DAY BEFORE COLLEGE FOOTBALL REALLY STARTS!

If a rivalry forms in Texas and nobody's there to claim it, does it make a sound? Neither Baylor nor TCU admits to a rivalry with the other, Steven Godfrey writes, but the programs' geographic proximity, shared recent history and collision course at the top of the Big 12 make I-35 a natural place to look for one.

Life with Riley. Oregon State's former coach, Mike Riley, will test just how close his Nebraska Cornhuskers are to post-Pelini success when they face BYU this weekend. The quarterback who runs through defenses like Tommie Frazier? He's on the other team now.

SPOILER ALERT: Self-loathing. Ryan Nanni and Spencer Hall relive the 2014 Florida-Missouri game. Florida is compared to the decomposing corpse of a knight and the Spanish word for "why."

SPOILER ALERT: Cover 0. In a slightly more productive look back at a 2014 loss, Land Grant Holy Land looks for clues in the tape from Ohio State's inexplicable loss to Virginia Tech. The answer: Bud Foster is gonna Bud Foster.

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers. The Solid Verbal picks the upsets in Week 1 and picks out the teams that are going to surprise everyone this season.

Because $70 can buy a lot in Charlotte. High ticket prices and low fan interest have left 20,000 seats available for Thursday night's North Carolina-South Carolina game. Game reps are defending prices, and the universities are laughing all the way to the bank.

Arizona State's lines are going to be major challenges for Texas A&M.

Michigan hasn't announced its starting QB, but opening opponent Utah thinks it knows.

I like to Cubit Cubit. While everyone focuses on whom Illinois' next coach will be, The Champaign Room takes a look at interim coach Bill Cubit, a man who maybe won the job by knocking Iowa out of a bowl game in 2007.

Four-star tight end commits to FSU, sure, but the real excitement is that he did so via graffiti.

Someday they'll finally wear green bowling shirts. Bowling Green is wearing brown helmets for its opener against Tennessee.

If you don't love it, beav it. Oregon State, which will wear stars-and-stripes-flavored Beaver logos on its helmets this weekend, has also put the star-spangled beaver at midfield.

I dare you to pet him on his head. Adorable little Charlie Strong is both the best Charlie Strong and the most terrifying Charlie Strong.


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