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Selection Committee, Week 3: Which 4 would be in the College Football Playoff right now?

The season's ending right now! You better change your Thanksgiving plans! Here's who's going to the Playoff!

The Selection Committee tackles a wild Week 3 by talking to voters Steven Godfrey and Spencer Hall about Ohio State's #GOUTWATCH, the biggest hurdles facing Ole Miss, and what the Pac-12 needs to do to get back into the Playoff conversation.

We're also giving the written floor to Bud Elliott and Jason Kirk to explain some aspects of their ballots. (You should probably yell at them in the comments. It's the only way they'll learn.)

Jason Kirk, on why he's got Northwestern at No. 4:

Ole Miss is a really obvious No. 1 right now, Notre Dame has beaten a power-conference team and two teams that are in power conferences, Michigan State did even better against Oregon's defense than Georgia State did, and Northwestern has beaten two power division contenders.

Oh, you're just confused by the last one. Also on NU's resume is a transitive win at USC; I don't think the Trojans are title contenders, but who's beaten a team that has a better win than Stanford's?

Bud Elliott, on why he's still got Alabama ahead of Ole Miss:

I think Alabama is a better team than Ole Miss. We know that fumble recoveries are largely luck, and to get two on kickoff returns is insanely lucky. Add in the ridiculously lucky 66-yard pass off the helmet, and Ole Miss would be No. 1 in my lucky rankings, but not in my College Football Playoff rankings.

With that said, both teams have excellent talent and Ole Miss did play very good defense in Tuscaloosa, so they are still in my rankings. Notre Dame has some very nice wins, but I don't believe they are one of the four best teams without all their injured players.


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