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Cincinnati loses QB Gunner Kiel to scary injury, then loses wild game to Memphis

Good morning. It's your wakeup roundup of college football stuff.

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Scary. Lost somewhat in the background of the bonkers 53-46 Memphis win over Cincinnati, Bearcats quarterback Gunner Kiel was carted off the field and taken to the hospital after this hellacious hit from Memphis defensive back Chauncey Lanier. You can make a reasonable case that Kiel shouldn't have even been playing.

Hayden Moore came in and immediately shot the lights out, setting the UC game record with 557 passing yards. It's unclear how long Kiel is going to be out, but you'd expect it will be for a while.

There were also enthusiastic fans in attendance.

Kiel's injury brings us to this. Yesterday morning, Bill Connelly wrote six thoughts on how such a dangerous sport can survive:

[We must accept] rules changes are going to make for frustrating calls, that further changes might be on the way, that this might make the sport more 'like flag football,' that the when-men-were-men sport your father loved might not be with us much longer, and that this is okay. We will still watch it. Also not with us as much these days: diners, cigarette ads and skating rinks. The world changes. Sometimes that's frustrating.

Bud Elliott's 17 best bets of the week include Vols over Gators and Texas Tech to give TCU a serious scare.

The best game in each time slot all weekend, with the full TV schedule. Tonight, you get Boise State-Virginia and Stanford-Oregon State.

TENSION! Everyone is tired of those omnipresent DraftKings and FanDuel commercials. Even the NCAA and the conferences, whose anti-gambling message goes in direct contrast to the daily fantasy sites which seek to advertise incessantly on their television networks.

#iufb4gameday! Ohio State at INDIANA is in the top three games for next week, according to College GameDay's producer. (The social media campaign launched by our Hoosiers blog seriously appears to be working.)

Notre Dame's down to a third-string QB, basically. It's out of the Playoff race, ri- ... oh, right.

BYU's playing Michigan. So an Ohio State/BYU fan tells BYU fans what to know/hate about Michigan!

Sparky! No! One minute, you're a Tempe City Councilman at the Arizona State game, posing for a quick picture on your favorite team's field. You also had back surgery two months ago and are still pretty ginger from it. ANYWAY, here comes Sparky right behind you, jumping on you, messing up your back and putting you right back in the hospital again.

"Uaghh". You may not agree with Jeb Bush, but his reasoning for picking Tennessee over Florida is sound.


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Not their fault. Are you taking some glee in another year of preseason USC hype coming to a crashing halt in September? Well, that's fine. Let's just remember whose fault this all is, and it isn't USC's.

Ouch. Star Wisconsin back Corey Clement is out for at least a month after hernia surgery.

"The other QB." Oklahoma State's megabooster requested Texas go back to its previous quarterback, the one who didn't just throw for 364 yards.

Majestic. As if we all weren't aware Virginia Tech displayed B1G-like tendencies from time to time, they had to go and show it again by having a punter who can punt the ball clear over the scoreboard.