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Syracuse punter hurdles one LSU defender, almost punches another in celebration

PUNTER HURDLE is already pretty great. VIOLENT PUNTER CELEBRATION is even better.

Syracuse is going ALL OUT against No. 6 LSU. Nobody gave the Orange much of a shot against the No. 6 Tigers, especially since they're starting recent fifth-string QB Zach Mahoney due to an unreal spate of injuries. But their defense is balling out, and right before the half, Scott Shafer dialed up this fake field goal that led to a KICKER HURDLE:

That's Syracuse punter Riley Dixon -- not the Orange's regular kicker, which maybe shoulda tipped off the Tigers -- hurdling LSU defensive back Kevin Toliver II. Toliver now has to retire from football, by law.

At the end of the play, Dixon was so hyped, he punched the air, almost hitting LSU's Jamal Adams.

Dixon picked the wrong guy to almost punch -- Adams has earned a reputation for flopping to draw personal fouls on opponents. Adams tried to make sure every ref nearby noticed that Dixon was smacking the air around him. (It didn't work.)

Sadly, the fake FG didn't amount to much -- Syracuse doinked a shorter field goal attempt a few plays later, and still trails 7-3.

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