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3 numbers that show how amazing Utah's 62-20 win over Oregon was

Oregon was last unranked in September 2009. Expect that streak to break.

After the first quarter in Eugene, No. 13 Oregon and No. 18 Utah were tied 6-6 at Autzen Stadium.

After that, it got ugly for Oregon — historically so, as the Utes mashed the Ducks by a 62-20 count.

Utah poured on 21 points in the second quarter, and then 28 more in the third, as Oregon flailed with both Vernon Adams and Jeff Lockie ineffective on offense. The score got out to 62-13 at one juncture, with 42 of the Utah points coming consecutively.

And Utah poured salt in the Ducks' wounds, turning a re-kick of a punt that hit the skycam into a touchdown thanks to a fake and running a killer misdirection for a touchdown return on another.

Three numbers to know

62: The number of points Utah scored, the most Oregon has ever given up at home.

It's not the most points ever given up by the Ducks, thanks to 63-point nights by Nebraska and Washington decades and decades ago, but this was by far the worst pasting of recent years.

30: Years since Oregon lost 63-0 to Nebraska at Nebraska, the last loss worse than this one in program history. Once Utah crossed the 60-point plateau in the fourth quarter, the game was essentially assured of being a historic defeat, and even with a late Oregon touchdown, it stayed seismic.

27: The number of games since Oregon's hyper-efficient offense last completed fewer than 50 percent of its passes. That happened in 2013, against California ... in a monsoon.


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