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Here is the only Vanderbilt play you need to watch this year

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(It didn't go well.)

Vanderbilt suffered from a severe end zone allergy for the first 59 minutes of its game against Western Kentucky, but finally scored a touchdown on a Johnny McCrary pass to Trent Sherfield to cut the score to 14-12. They needed a two-point conversion to tie it up ... and came up just short:

That's a great play by WKU's Joe Brown to stop Vandy's Nathan Marcus juuuuuust short of the end zone. The Hilltoppers have now won two in a row by stopping a two-point conversion -- if you remember the wild finish to the Popeye's Bahamas Bowl, they beat Central Michigan when the Chippewas went for two and failed with the score 49-48.

And if you're wondering how WKU was in such good position to sniff the play out and make the stop, well ...

The good news for the Dores is they beat the spread! The SEC squad was a 2.5-point underdog to its C-USA opponent (They also didn't win the attendance battle).

That's about all we need from you this year, Vanderbilt. See you in 2016!