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The new SMU needed 10 minutes to score a month's worth of old SMU on Baylor

Meet the new Mustangs, absolutely nothing like the old Mustangs.

Last year was a historically bad season for the SMU Mustangs, including a 45-0 loss against Baylor. The program is hoping for a revitalization under new head coach Chad Morris, but an opening game against the Bears seemed like a daunting task.

Even if SMU looks unlikely to make this a serious upset bid, an early burst of offense shows how far the program has come.

Last season, the Mustangs' longest gain against the Bears was only 15 yards. SMU bested that in the second drive Friday with an 18-yard rush.

The team had eight plays of 40-plus yards all last year, yet two in under 10 minutes Friday.

In 2014, SMU played 266:36 minutes before scoring their second TD of the season. In 2015, it only took 7:58 minutes for a second score.