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Ranking the confused SMU fan bros

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SMU drove to the Baylor red zone and had a chance to tie, or at least kick a field goal. It did neither, thanks to some miscalculations.

These SMU fans are astounded, and the face of each tells a story. Each story is the same, though, and all are titled Bruhwut?


6. This bro doesn't really seem all that confused. He's seen SMU play sports before.

5. This bro is just sleepy, probably because the sun has been in his eyes for a great deal of time.

4. This is Kliff Kingsbury.

3. Back when I was in college, I liked to wear silly shirts from thrift stores. The teens do that these days, too. We called it being "stupid;" for a while, later teens called it being "ironic." Some called it "random" at some point. My first point is that teens are always the same, no matter how many things people write about millenials (teens with phone apps), but my main point is that back when I wore such shirts every day, I'd always think, "What if something tragic happened while I'm wearing this smedium shirt with a 1970s wrestler on it? What if people saw me having actual human emotions while wearing something silly?"

2. I don't think this bro should rank way up here, but a lot of people like the cut of his shirt, and I bow to the public.

1. There can be no debate. Listen. This is the president of Southern Methodist University. This is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys. This is John Wesley, forefather of Methodism. This is Big Tex.