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Desmond Howard picks Stanford to win championship, looks silly mere hours later

Desmond picked Stanford. Stanford lost to Northwestern. Desmond will have to try again.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Last week, ESPN College GameDay analyst Desmond Howard picked Stanford to win the national championship.

Desmond doubled down on Stanford in an interview with Maize n Brew this week:

"I picked TCU, Stanford, Texas A&M and Michigan State as the teams that will make the College Football Playoff," Howard said.

"I think it is wide open. To pick these teams now, I do not want to just go the easy route that can you just pick Ohio State and Alabama. So I picked Stanford. Why not? I think they have a good shot to win the Pac-12 and have as good a shot as anybody to get into the four-team playoff. Look at Ohio State last year, and they ended up winning it all. I like to go off the grid sometimes and take a risk. So I picked Stanford."

Earlier on Saturday, Howard reiterated his support for Stanford, choosing the Cardinal to win the Pac-12 during GameDay.

Then Stanford lost, 16-6, at Northwestern Saturday afternoon, recording only 240 yards of offense and committing two turnovers.

Desmond's response?

You can try again next week, Dez.