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Nebraska receiver injured on late hit from behind by BYU defensive back

Tight end David Sutton suffered a leg injury on a questionable hit from BYU, a program increasingly known for questionable hits.

Nebraska tight end David Sutton was cut down from behind on a late hit by BYU defensive back Jordan Preator early in the second quarter of the Huskers' game against the Cougars Saturday. Sutton was the target of a Tommy Armstrong pass attempt that flew high. Well after the ball had gone over Sutton's head, Preator ducked and rolled into the back of his legs.

Sutton initially rose back to his feet but sat back down on the BYU sideline. He needed a cart to leave the field, though he gave the crowd a thumb up on his way to the locker room. Preator was not flagged for the hit, though the Nebraska fans in attendance loudly disagreed with the referee's decision.

The Preator hit was the second questionable tackle by a BYU defender in Saturday's game, and fits a pattern of conduct stretching back to last season. In last year's Miami Beach Bowl, BYU players brawled with opponents from Memphis, with some players punching unsuspecting Tigers from behind. The Cougars have also been one of the most penalized teams in football in recent years. Last year, Coach Bronco Mendenhall explained BYU's reputation as a side effect of playing aggressive football:

"When I've seen BYU play at its best, the teams I've watched in the past, they are physically dominant, they are very tough. They are on the edge of playing within the rules because they are so aggressive."

There has been no further word on Sutton's injury from Nebraska. The Cougars lead the Cornhuskers, 17-14, in the second quarter.