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Tim Tebow is back on the SEC Network after being cut by the Philadelphia Eagles

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That was fast!

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

Less than a week after Tim Tebow was cut by the Philadelphia Eagles, he is back as an analyst on the SEC Network. This is not much of a surprise, since the network said when Tebow left for the NFL that he would be welcomed back if his NFL career didn't work out.

The SEC Network's parent network, ESPN, announced Thursday that they were indeed honoring that commitment.

"Tim quickly developed into an excellent analyst last year, and we were not shy about acknowledging his home at ESPN should he be available to return," ESPN executive VP John Wildhack said in a statement.

Tebow will be back on the SEC Network's traveling, College GameDay-like weekly pregame show, SEC Nation. The show will originate from Nashville this week for the Vanderbilt-Georgia game. Hopefully Tebow gets a cake again to welcome him back.