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Jim Harbaugh is planning a slumber party with a high school kicker recruit

Michigan's coach is spending the maximum amount of time at a recruit's house allowed under NCAA rules. That means a slumber party.

Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Harbaugh is planning to sleep over at the house of the nation's top kicker recruit.

Wait, what?

The NCAA recruiting dead period during which no in-person contact is allowed ends Wednesday. We've heard of coaches calling a recruit at midnight when a period ends or visiting right at the stroke of midnight, but this is the first we've heard of a slumber party.

Quinn Nordin is the prospect in question. He is the top kicker recruit in the country from Rockford, Mich.

"He said we can watch a movie, see how well we gel and he said he would sleep over after that," Nordin told "I was in tears laughing when he said that. He said the next day, if my parents didn’t want me to miss school, he would go to every class with me and go to lunch with me. I was laughing so hard."

He also happens to be a Penn State commitment, but that's not deterring Harbaugh.

"I said ‘Coach, I have Penn State stuff all over my walls.’ He said, ‘Tell you what, I can help you take it down.'"

Not only is this hilarious, it's also great recruiting PR for the Michigan coach, who gets to keep pounding the message that he'll do whatever it takes to get the best recruits -- a message that's important for boosters and recruits to receive. The Wolverines currently have the No. 2 recruiting class in the country, according to, and will look to close strong in the final three weeks.

Harbaugh's staff has made a habit of finding creative, fun loopholes in recruiting rules like holding recruiting "satellite" camps throughout the South and guest coaching at other schools in talented regions.