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Michigan, Ohio State, Baylor among top 5 in 2016 National Championship odds

Alabama and Clemson are the clear-cut favorites, though.

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

The 2015 season just ended, but you can already bet on who will win next year's National Championship, which will be played 360 days from now. And in no surprise, this year's champion and runner-up are the two favorites to win the title again next year, according to Bovada.

Alabama is a 7/1 favorite, with the most talented roster in the country, while Clemson has 15/2 odds, with star quarterback Deshaun Watson and many other star players returning next year. They're also No. 1 and No. 2, though in opposite order, in SB Nation's way-too-early 2016 top 10.

Behind this year's title participants are Baylor and two Big Ten rivals. Ohio State loses nine underclassmen and more talented seniors to the NFL Draft, but the Buckeyes still have a lot of talent. Michigan will give the Buckeyes a fight in the Big Ten East, returning most of its offensive players, and the stars in its defensive backfield. Baylor will have star quarterback Jarrett Stidham [and actual starter Seth Russell] back, with a proven offense.

LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Stanford come in just behind that group at 14/1 odds.

Team Odds Team Odds
Alabama 7/1 Nebraska 50/1
Clemson 15/2 North Carolina 50/1
Ohio State 12/1 Oklahoma State 50/1
Baylor 12/1 Texas A&M 50/1
Michigan 12/1 Miami 66/1
LSU 14/1 South Carolina 66/1
Notre Dame 14/1 Washington 66/1
Oklahoma 14/1 Utah 66/1
Stanford 14/1 Washington State 66/1
Florida State 16/1 Texas 75/1
Ole Miss 22/1 Virginia Tech 75/1
Oregon 22/1 West Virginia 75/1
Tennessee 22/1 Arizona 100/1
Florida 33/1 Arizona State 100/1
Georgia 33/1 BYU 100/1
Houston 33/1 Boise State 100/1
Iowa 33/1 Cal 100/1
Michigan State 33/1 Georgia Tech 100/1
TCU 33/1 Maryland 100/1
USC 33/1 Mississippi State 100/1
UCLA 40/1 Missouri 100/1
Wisconsin 50/1 NC State 100/1
Arkansas 50/1 Northwestern 100/1
Auburn 50/1 Penn State 100/1
Louisville 50/1