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2 simple reasons the Big 12 shouldn't add a conference title game, even though it can

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"See you again next week!"
"See you again next week!"
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The Big 12 can now add a conference championship without expanding to 12 teams. There's no guarantee it will, but it's nice to have options. Here's why the Big 12 shouldn't do this.

  1. This whole thing started when Baylor and TCU got left out of the Playoff because Ohio State played (and dominated) a 13th game. Oklahoma just made the Playoff, and had an easier time doing so because it lacked a 13th game. So delete all committee-specific arguments until we have more years of data. The Big 12's own history of having national contenders ruined by the previous Big 12 Championship shows this is a huge risk in general.
  2. The Big 12 already has a round-robin schedule. Every team already plays every team. It's a scheduling setup so nearly perfect, it can only be marred by conference branding that doesn't account for faulty tiebreakers (hello again, 2014 (the tiebreakers part was fixed, though)).

Rematches are so far from college football's character, this deserves two spots on the list. Alabama getting a rematch with LSU was the final BCS straw, because this is not a rematch sport. You play your rival once, and someone is sad about it for 365 days. You do not play a damn divisional series. One bad bounce determines the course of history and enshrines someone's name on the rivalry Wikipedia forever.

This year, the Big 12 Championship would've been Oklahoma State-Oklahoma, seven days after they already played. The only outcomes possible: Either the first game wouldn't matter or the second game wouldn't matter, other than state hate stuff.

Still, there's one reason to do this, and we'll see if it outweighs all the others:

That number's in line with other conference title games, and remember, the sport can't afford to pay its players money.


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