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Did UCLA really think it could take Lane Kiffin from Alabama?

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Lane Kiffin, the coordinator of the national champions' lesser side of the ball, the beloved late bus rider and early touchdown celebrator, was offered a lateral move to the UCLA job, ESPN reports. It's good to be bold, and Bruins coach Jim Mora knows Kiffin from two years when Kiffin was still the head coach at USC. Their dads coached together in the NFL, too.

But leaving one of the best jobs in college football (you don't even have to score that many points; sometimes Nick Saban just wants you to keep his defense off the field for a while!) for a second-tier-ish program whose coach might be on the hot seat in a year or two would be a suspect move by anybody. It certainly does not fit the Kiffin career model. Our guy fails upward, succeeds enough to rise some more, and continues ever onward into the sky. He does not succeed downward.

Alabama was ready the entire title game to drop that onside kick on Clemson. Rodger Sherman, whose job is essentially writing up weird special teams plays, talked to Bama's special teams coach about all the work that went into one Championship-swinging surprise play.

Here's what the preseason top 25 will look like in eight months, with some minor adjustments. Washington will make it in there by August, for one.

Who do you want in the 2016 Playoff? Three out of our four put Michigan in our fields.

LSU's losing ace recruiter Frank Wilson to the UTSA head coaching job. What's this mean for the Tigers?


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There is simply no money to pay the players. Ohio State's new Nike deal is for a record $252 million over 15 years.

People don't like to hear that Georgia's strict drug policies put it at a competitive disadvantage, but even Kirby Smart's aware of the fact.

The SEC's single best move of the offseason: Tennessee hiring Penn State defensive coordinator Bob Shoop.

Oklahoma's president is firing out some hot realignment opinions againHe does this a lot.

Dylan Moses, the superhyped 2017 recruit who had Bama and Texas offers in middle school, is transferring from a high school on LSU's campus to Football High School (not its actual name) in Florida.

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