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A reminder that college football's overtime system is superior to the NFL's

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This weekend's Packers-Cardinals playoff game had a preposterous ending that included a Hail Mary, a botched coin flip and like three other extremely non-NFL things. That's all very good, but what kept the game from ascending to an even higher level was the fact that Aaron Rodgers never got to touch the football in overtime, thanks to sudden death rules. You'd like to watch Aaron Rodgers vs. Larry Fitzgerald in overtime, wouldn't you?

If the NFL used the college system, which forces both offenses and both defenses to make plays (here's a flow chart on how it works), the game of the weekend might still be going. This playoff game was very good, but let us know when you get some nonsense like this, NFL:

The NCAA made a thing of including token athlete representation in its governing, but a prominent Oklahoma player on the committee is publicly frustrated about nothing getting done.

Oklahoma's president, the Big 12's resident Opinions Man, still wants the conference to expand. He wants a lot of things, including Longhorn Network things.

If conference realignment is still about TV markets (it might not be!), then these UConn-Big 12 rumors might not be that bonkers.


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Soon, everything will be ranked by recruiting talent. The latest: high schools, with Football High School in Florida soon to overtake St. Thomas Aquinas on the all-time leaderboard.

No. 1 2016 recruit Rashan Gary visited USC, which his mom called a "game-changer."

LOL yeah, they're really playing a football game at Bristol Motor Speedway. Seems they're putting in more field stuff now.

Let us appreciate Oregon's Vernon Adams, secretly one of the best quarterbacks of the decade.

i o w a l a n d e d a f i v e - s t a r e c r u i t ? !

Alabama's losing a bunch of talent. Surely we'll get a break next year from all the Bama? Nope, here come five-stars off the bench to replace the outgoing five-stars. Bud Elliott explains the really simple reason Nick Saban was able to stash five-stars on his bench to begin with.

Ohio State swiped a four-star from new division rival Maryland, but not yet the four-star fans are most interested in.

Texas could have a pleasing Signing Day, based on chatter about a bunch of silent commitments set to go public.

The mock drafts all have Jared Goff going from sunny Berkeley to quarterback the Browns, which will build character.

Two Scout outlets reported an Alabama recruit had and hadn't flipped to Mississippi State, both citing messages from the player himself. It all got sorted out, but, hey, recruiting season's here.

The ending to Shakin' the Southland's big review of Clemson's offense against Bama is pretty good:

Leggett is barely open, but that is enough for Watson to drop the ball into the window and score a largely ceremonial touchdown. That said, we covered, and the spiteful part of me feels really good most of the people who bet on Alabama lost their money. That feels fitting for a team no one, myself included, saw coming.