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TCU blocked an Oregon punt, and the Ducks still turned it into a first down

When you're losing big, you can't get anything to go right.

Oregon is whooping TCU in the Alamo Bowl. They have four touchdowns for a 28-0 lead. TCU has five first downs. Oregon has 342 yards. TCU has 135. It's bad.

Late in the second quarter, TCU actually got a stop on third down, forcing an Oregon punt deep in their own territory. TCU linebacker Garrett Kaufman actually broke through and blocked the kick ... and Oregon's DeForest Buckner snatched it out of the air and ran eight yards on 4th-and-7 for a first down.

Poor Frogs. This could've been the type of play that swung the momentum in their favor and allowed for a miracle comeback ... instead, it was a first down. Even when TCU wins tonight, they lose.

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