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Jim Harbaugh enjoyed some (literal) Netflix and chill on a recruiting sleepover

This was only the second-weirdest visit he's made to this household.

After sleeping over at a recruit's house last week, Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh had another sleepover this week, with four-star defensive end Connor Murphy.

The result? Netflix and chill (in a more literal way, not in the slang way).

This isn't the first time Harbaugh has slept over at the Murphy household. Previously, he was a babysitter in a very strange recruiting visit while recruiting Murphy's brother, Trent, to Stanford. From the LA Times:

When Harbaugh made an in-home visit, Murphy's mother thought she was in labor with her daughter. Harbaugh was put on babysitter duty while Murphy's father rushed mom to the hospital.

"Coach Harbaugh sat on my living room floor with me and we drank milk and played chess," Connor Murphy recalled, saying he was 11 or 12 years old at the time.

Last year, the common narrative was that Harbaugh might not want to return to college because it involved recruiting. But Harbaugh seems to genuinely love recruiting, even if it involves Netflix and chill, and babysitting.

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