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Michigan allegedly dropped a recruit right before Signing Day, and we'll probably never know why

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Michigan allegedly pulled a scholarship late from a recruit, and a Notre Dame official sniped the Wolverines on Twitter for it. Maize And Brew theorizes on the rest of the story:

It does not look great for the Wolverines, but there are always two sides to every story. Knowing Jim Harbaugh as followers of the program, it is unlikely we will ever get the coaching staff's side of it.

Also, it is possible details are being left out. In short, it sounds like the staff wanted him to earn his spot in the class with a strong senior season on film and did not see it. Seeing as he committed to a previous staff, it is easy to understand Michigan's end of things.

Erik Swenson was an unfortunate casualty of a coaching transition. On the surface, it seems like a shady move to dishonor a commitment after the player has remained steadfast in his for so long, but this is the business of big-time college football.

We can't know how much blame Michigan bears here, since UM isn't really allowed to acknowledge Swenson exists. This kind of thing becomes a big story somewhere around the country at least once per Signing Day. This sport has a bad system that is hard to reform.

We tried something! We delayed voting on our 2015 All-America Team until after the season actually ended (as in, after bowls), and we called it our Full-Season All-America Team. That probably helped boost Christian McCaffrey over Derrick Henry for multiple awards, for one thing.

THE SEC VS. THE WORLD. We're making All-Recruit teams from current commits, and right now, the All-SEC team isn't quite as good as the All-Everybody Else team. Think that'll change by Signing Day?


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