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This 5'7 Texas Tech WR can box jump onto things taller than himself

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More like Jump-keem Grant.

Cuba's Javier Sotomayor is the world record holder in the high jump. He's the only athlete to ever clear 8 feet, setting the record at 8 feet and 1/4 inch. Sotomayor was basically designed to be an incredible jumper, standing a long and rangy 6'5 with startling athleticism and explosive speed, especially for a man of his size.

Texas Tech wide receiver Jakeem Grant is not Javier Sotomayor. They play very different sports, and the Red Raiders star is not a statuesque 6'5. His official university bio lists him as 5'7, and that might be a little charitable. But he does have one thing in common with the Cuban legend: He can jump like crazy.

Nestled in this video of a video is Grant leaping and sticking the landing of a 6'1 vertical leap, a full five or six inches taller than he is. You see these videos come along every so often, but rarely do they include a player that short landing a jump that big.