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Barry Sanders' son interested in playing running back for his father's alma mater

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Good morning! This is the Read Option, your wakeup college football newsletter and your favorite sick spin move from a 1991-ish Eagles-Lions game.

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Barry J. Sanders, rising redshirt senior Stanford running back and Oklahoma native, is transferring. Why not Oklahoma State, where his father was a Heisman winner?

"That's definitely an option," Sanders said. "I have not been in contact with those guys yet, but I would like to see what they have to offer. Hopefully we can find some common ground."

Sanders is an excellent athlete who shouldn't ever have to worry about his dad's legacy.

Still, you can see flashes, like this juke from his redshirt freshman year and this move a few months ago, which blasted a defender into orbit. So why doesn't he play more? He produced 315 rushing yards each of the last two years, which is better than you or I, but ...

Well, this year he was behind Heisman finalist Christian McCaffrey, the guy who broke ... the elder Sanders' season yardage record. Stepfan Taylor and Tyler Gaffney are two other big names Stanford's had on the depth chart at his position.

Do you like thunderous hossfights? Sure, we all do. Clemson vs. Alabama is the nastiest, muddiest battle in the trenches one could've possibly booked this season, with both topping Bill Connelly's combined line stats by a good margin.


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Ohio State, best non-Championship team? That's how the updated S&P+ ratings have it.

Oh, sure, Houston needed that. The Peach Bowl-winning, Tom Herman-retaining, grill-gleaming Cougars just added a former No. 1 QB recruit, Kyle Allen from Texas A&M. This is getting ridiculous.

The next star QB on the transfer market could be BYU's Taysom Hill, with a handful of schools that would make a lot of sense for him.

Potent PAWWWWWWWWWLables. A Jeopardy! contestant confused Bama and Auburn, and there was much indignation.

Florida beats FSU! (For a top-10 defensive tackle recruit. Of course I didn't mean at football!)

Larry Coker was still around, and is now out at UTSA. He was the Roadrunners' first-ever head coach.

You probably haven't watched the Alamo Bowl comeback enough yet. Here's TCU's version, which is good.

Congrats to Fort Hays State University, which gets to square off against the Tide for the "Fiesta Bowl" title on ... wait a second, local news graphic, how did you even find FHSU's logo while looking for tiger logos?

HOLLERIN'. Podcast Ain't Played Nobody talks about bowl season like educated folks, with Steven Godfrey CARRYIN' ON about all the SEC teams desperate to just copy Nick Saban.