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The Toledo-BYU 108-point thriller lasted so long, Mack Brown left the booth on air

"I hate to leave the game, but this is going to finish as one of the best games of the year," he predicted on his way out to catch a flight to the East Coast.

BYU beat Toledo, 55-53, on a field goal at the buzzer around 2:30 a.m. ET. The game had 1,278 total yards, which is more than 16 FBS teams have mustered this entire season so far. The lead changed hands nine times, there was a late two-point conversion, and Rhett Almond, the guy who hit the winning kick, had just been benched the week prior.

But! Topping all of that was this moment in the fourth quarter, when ESPN2 analyst Mack Brown left the announcing booth, giving play-by-play announcer Adam Amin and sideline reporter Molly McGrath the entire show to run:

Brown has Saturday ESPN duties in Connecticut, which is far from Utah, in my opinion.

"We're talking about some games you might want to go see, and apparently Mack's got to leave us right now, otherwise you're not going to see this shining face on your TV tomorrow," said Amin. "We're going to miss you, pal. You sure you don't want to stick around for the rest of this thing?"

"You've been working on [imitating] my voice, so maybe you can be me and you, and Molly can help," Brown said.

There were many jokes, such as this one:

And, as Brown prophesied, the rest of the game was indeed bonkers.

As an example of how this sounded (and of how great a job Amin did of wearing two hats), here's Toledo's late two-point conversion, which was a wild play in and of itself:

And for complete game highlights (albeit minus Amin as well, replaced by BYUtv commentators), here we are:

Hereby proposing we just let Mack skip Friday nights going forward.