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Outkast, Trump, mullets, and the best of Clemson's 'College GameDay' signs

They’re good this week, and unlike Monday night, there’s no debating that.

The huge matchup in the ACC this weekend means College GameDay came to you live Saturday from Clemson, S.C. ahead of Clemson-Louisville. Selfishly, we hope this game leads us closer to the doomsday scenario of tiebreakers that could lead the ACC to deciding a division champion via the commissioner picking a name out of a hat.

It probably won’t do that. At the very least, Clemson-Louisville should be a fantastic matchup between two of the best quarterbacks in the country. The signs did not disappoint:

Mutombo thinks the party’s over for Louisville:

It’s Louisville, so the constitution demands a basketball joke:

This politician actually delivered on his promise:

Forgot about him. There probably isn’t enough space on the Heisman ballot though:

Sam’ll probably pass on this one:

I am not current on my Stranger Things references. Allow my colleagues to explain this sign:

Tina you fat lard, come get some dinner:

Pull the lever, Kronk

College GameDay 貼上了 2016年10月1日

Wait, this might actually work. (A refresher on the birth of the Pizz party):


Raise hell, praise D[ale]Shaun Watson:

This one looks a little too ripe, I’ll pass:

Outkast forever:

And everyone liked this sign, so the guy sent it to us:

This is technically not a College GameDay sign, but this beautiful man deserves to be recognized for his contributions to this week’s show.


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