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You can hear Clemson fans chanting 'change your pick' at Lee Corso after he picked Clemson

We’re a bit confused.

The ol’ Sunshine Scooter Lee Corso made some Clemson folks unhappy at the end of College GameDay this week. Host Rece Davis referenced the fact that Corso doesn’t have a great record when he’s picked Clemson all-time, but didn’t say exactly what the record was. Corso threw on a Tiger head to make his pick and a funny thing happened:

Not only did the fans at Clemson boo, but much to the confusion of those on-set, they also started chanting “change the pick.” Clearly it was fear that a Corso Curse could be in effect for tonight’s massive ACC matchup with Louisville.

But the curse hasn’t specifically applied to Clemson. Going back to Week 1 of 2013, according to the website, Clemson’s been involved in the featured College GameDay matchup six times. But Corso has only picked Clemson once.