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Tennessee-Georgia’s wild ending left these people in a mix of agony and ecstasy

Bless all these people.

College football’s a hell of a drug, and no one’s ever been more under its influence than the Tennessee and Georgia fans who watched their teams trade last-ditch Hail Mary touchdowns in a Vols win in Athens on Saturday. What a game, right?

If you didn’t have a Dawg (or a Vol) in this fight, it was sheer entertainment. If you were rooting for someone in particular, you’ve just been through something traumatic and then uplifting, or uplifting then traumatic. Here are people in both groups.

1. Here are the UGA fans who were super pumped when the Dawgs hit their Hail Mary with 10 seconds left, then got sad when Tennessee answered.

It wasn’t supposed to end like this.

Just look at him.

Click on every single one of these images.

Georgia defensive back Maurice Smith is an Alabama grad transfer, meaning he was on the wrong side of the Auburn Kick Six a couple of years ago. That poor kid.

A text string conversation between my colleague Richard Johnson and a UGA friend, starting with UGA’s Hail Mary and ending with Tennessee’s. (It’s NSFW.)


It was like that.

2. Here are the Tennessee fans who went from agony to ecstasy when the Vols countered with their own game-winning toss.

This guy thought he was beaten.

But here’s Bubba Wallace Jr. after everything turned out OK.

Break it down, Butch:

We should all love something as much as this guy loves Vols football.

Georgia fired Mark Richt, who’s unbeaten at Miami and literally won a game in Georgia today. The Bulldogs did not, and this Vol reminds us of this point.


3. Here’s a guy at a wedding.

I hope he didn’t interrupt the ceremony, but I couldn’t blame him if he did.