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15 increasingly sad images from Rutgers' 78-point loss to Michigan

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Here are the 15 most amazing numbers from this game. Now prepare for the saddest pictures.

Michigan v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images
NCAA Football: Michigan at Rutgers Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan’s win probability never dipped below 90 percent

(Rutgers fires that cannon after its own touchdowns, of which there have been none since Sept. 24. Michigan fans spent the evening encouraging the cannon operators to go rogue.)

This advanced box score shows Rutgers’ biggest strengths in this game were having a lot of possessions and having good turnovers luck

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Oh right, Georgia and South Carolina played Sunday football. What you should know: UGA ran for the W, and Will Muschamp was bleeding from the lip.

Think about this moment the next time you make Nick Saban robot devil jokes. I sure will.

Danny O'Brien, the Tennessee player who was stretchered off on Saturday, tweets that he's doing fine.

New bowl projections, with suspiciously clear Playoff paths for a few teams at the top.

LSU-Florida! What if other SEC games moved around in order to make room for it?

Hi, an Arkansas professor was arrested shortly after screaming and cussing at Bret Bielema.

This Adoree' Jackson interception looks like what happens when a cat falls off a bookshelf and sticks the landing.

Utah's head coach has beef with Arizona's defensive line.

USF is really good. Its fan support looks really bad.

Podcast Ain't Played Nobody sprints through its own top 25, including an Alabama that's actually fun to watch!

The Solid Verbal, on Week 7 and the Zombie Vols.

And finally ...