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The Solid Verbal: Who can pull their act together in Week 7?

Even after some rough Septembers, a number of teams can keep building something positive in mid-October.

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As we look ahead to Week 7, let's try to answer the following questions:

• In what scenario could Tennessee pose a consistent threat to Alabama?

• What should we look for out of Clemson against NC State, and what's the case for the Wolfpack keeping it close against Deshaun Watson and the Tigers?

• Can USC continue to improve, this week against a pretty wounded Arizona Wildcats squad?

• Who has come out of the Florida-LSU situation looking the worst?

• Are we ready to believe in Nebraska, who has a pretty good Indiana in Bloomington this week?

• Is there any reason to believe Wisconsin can score enough points to scare Ohio State?

• What version of North Carolina will show up against Miami, and is there reason to believe the Tar Heels might just be a particularly inefficient monsoon team?

• Where might Texas Tech be able to take advantage of West Virginia?

...and much more!