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A history of Lane Kiffin trolling Tennessee

The Alabama offensive coordinator makes his second return to Knoxville after leaving as head coach.

CFP National Championship - Alabama v Clemson Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Good ole Lane Kiffin, the Alabama offensive coordinator whom almost everyone seems to dislike, especially Tennessee and USC fans.

Kiffin, who coached at Tennessee for the 2009 season before bolting for the USC job, has become kind of a master of trolling fan bases from teams that he coached in the past.

Let’s take a look at some memories.

Tennessee fans went berserk when Kiffin left

An important thing to keep in mind: just how bitter UT fans were when Kiffin took the USC job out of nowhere. (The following video and photo have NSFW language.)

Photo via Twitter/@AdamSmoot

When he returned to Knoxville in 2014 as Bama’s OC, he gave some booing UT fans a finger gun or thumbs up or something.

Leaving the field after Bama’s 34-20 win, he dapped up some UT staffers, but restrained himself from doing any obvious trolling.

But he was just getting started. There was that time he took a shot at Tennessee’s recruiting

In an August 2016 tweet that has since been deleted, Kiffin linked to an article headlined: “Tennessee loaded with top-level recruits — but they’re leaving the state.”

What’s even funnier is that the tweet was sent on the same day the NCAA let coaches begin interacting with recruits on social media and sharing materials that include the names of recruits, meaning he’d been waiting for the opportunity.

Sometimes he just wants his presence in Tennessee to be known

Kiffin also likes to tweet random photos of license plates and road signs, presumably from places that he’s out recruiting in.

He did this last July, tweeting a picture of a Tennessee license plate with the name of Knoxville’s county on it.

There was also this one, in April.

Even retweeting his brother can make Tennessee fans mad

Chris Kiffin, who has been on Ole Miss’ defensive coaching staff since 2011, tweeted a two-year-old box score from an Ole Miss victory over Tennessee.

Lane gave his brother a retweet, because of course he did!

Screenshot via College Spun


Wearing UT colors to the game as Bama’s coordinator might be the most savage of them all.


And then, about an hour before 2016’s game:

And after Alabama steamrolled Tennessee 49-10, Kiffin struck yet again

Also, he wants you to know he actually did not name his son after Knoxville

In January 2009, just weeks after Kiffin accepted the Tennessee job, he and his now ex-wife Layla Kiffin welcomed their first son into the world. They decided to name their child Monte Knox Kiffin. His first name can be easily explained: Lane’s father is Monte Kiffin, one of the NFL’s most legendary defensive coaches.

But the middle name is interesting, given that Kiffin’s son was born just a few months after he took the job in Knoxville.

“He was named before I even got the job, actually," Kiffin told ESPN after leaving for USC. “[Layla] picked out the name because she had seen somebody else had named their kid Knox. I think it was Brad [Pitt] and Angelina [Jolie], actually."

For more context on how much the Vols hate Kiffin, a political ad in Tennessee once compared an election opponent to him

This wasn’t in a positive way, either. The ad said that the candidate, like Kiffin, “made a lot of big promises to Tennesseans” and didn’t live up to their word.

In general, Kiffin likes to have fun with former fan bases

At Alabama’s opener against USC in Arlington this year, we had the pleasure to see Kiffin kidding with Trojan fans, too. There was this gesture — throwing candy to USC fans — before the game earlier in the season.

And after Bama’s 52-6 rout of USC, Kiffin had some fun on Twitter, using the hashtag #3:14AM-LAX, referencing when and where he got fired by USC.

We salute you, troll master Kiffin.