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This Bama RB put his hand right in a Tennessee fan's face late in a blowout win

Win by this much, and respect mostly goes out the window.

No. 1 Alabama has fully obliterated No. 9 Tennessee on Saturday. One of many Crimson Tide exclamation points was an 85-yard touchdown run by Bo Scarbrough in the fourth quarter, which staked Alabama to a 49-10 lead at Neyland Stadium in a blowout win. And once he got home, Scarbrough disrespected Tennessee even further.


The Vols fan in the front row is a good sport (and pretty wise, honestly) for not grabbing Scarbrough's right hand while it was extended. CBS' Gary Danielson speculated on the network broadcast that Scarbrough's glove might have an Alabama logo on it, but either way, the Tide had a nice time dunking on Tennessee.'s John Talty interviewed the fan in this scene. It turns out the fan, whose name is Josh Durbin, is a good sport, and I salute him for his response:

"I saw him coming at me," Durbin told "I looked up at the jumbotron and then turned back and saw him at the 20-yard line. Then he gets into the endzone and runs straight at me. I see his eyes look at me and I'm like 'Crap.' I couldn't break eye contact and then he puts his hand straight in my face. I wish I would have just high-fived him back just to see his reaction.

"It would have been funny. I think it's funny."


"I would love to meet him and give him an actual high-five if that were to ever happen," he said. "I doubt it would ever happen."

Previously, quarterback Jalen Hurts previously ran in for his third touchdown of the day and gave an absolutely chilling nod to CBS' camera, which only exaggerated the effects of Alabama's Volunteer demolition.


Be as good as Alabama is, and you can respond to touchdowns mostly however you want.