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Rice lineman accidentally clobbers teammate while rushing to the line for a final play

The Owls only had a second left. It wasn't enough.

Rice lost on Saturday to UTSA, 14-13. The Owls fell to 0-6 in what's become a truly miserable season, and they did it in particularly saddening fashion. Here's the very end, flagged by Deadspin's Timothy Burke:

Rice got a first down in UTSA territory, but the play only left a second on the clock. In college, the clock stops on a first down until officials signal it ready for play, so Rice theoretically had time to get to the line and mount one final snap.

But offensive lineman Sam Pierce (who's listed at 295 pounds) was running to the line when he found receiver Aaron Cephus (who's listed at 195 pounds) in his way. What happened next was exactly what physics dictates would happen next, as Pierce flattened Cephus. Rice failed to get off the play, resulting in a Roadrunners victory.

Rice probably would not have scored if it were able to get off the final play. Whether it could've even gotten off that final play is debatable. But this seems, at any rate, suboptimal.