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Lane Kiffin beat his old employer by 39, then tossed a Vols fan his visor

Alabama beat Tennessee 49-10, and Kiffin got to beat his former program again.

1. Lane Kiffin is the offensive coordinator at Alabama. He is good at that job.

2. Lane Kiffin used to be the head coach at Tennessee. He was not as good at that job.

3. Since leaving that job, it's been something of a pastime for Kiffin to troll Tennessee.

4. Kiffin's Tide went to Tennessee on Saturday and beat the Vols, 49-10. It was a complete destruction.

5. Kiffin walked off the field after the game and threw his Alabama visor to a Tennessee fan above the tunnel.

6. This is the second time this season Kiffin has gotten to destroy a former employer. Kiffin had a jolly good time during Alabama's 52-6 win against USC in September. He tossed candy to some USC fans before that game.

That night also included Kiffin winning by 46 points, dapping up a bunch of his former players, and sending this brutal tweet hours later:

That's a reference to USC's early-morning firing of Kiffin in 2013, carried out at Los Angeles International Airport. Kiffin never forgets, even though he left Tennessee and not the other way around.

Kiffin lost to Alabama in 2009, his lone year in Knoxville. But he's now 3-0 against the Vols as Bama's coordinator.