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Well, a fox is running around on the football field at Texas Tech again

These things happen in Lubbock.

Before Saturday’s West Virginia-Texas Tech game in Lubbock, Texas:

And here was the very same fox* at 2013’s Texas Tech win over TCU (this went on for a pretty long time and was the only memorable event in that hideous game; please note TTU’s mascot trying to wrangle the fox):


This time, it even came during a Fox broadcast. With only seven points in the first 12 minutes, this game hasn’t quite lived up to the festivity we were assured, so we have to look at animals.

Animals just do stuff in Lubbock. Study the history of the Red Raiders’ beloved horse mascots, while you’re here with us.

* “It could be a different fox,” you might say. NO, IT’S THE SAME FOX, AND I LOVE HIM/HER. Yes, it’s probably a different fox.