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Last week, Rutgers lost by 78 points. This week, it did the same blooper play twice

These are two different fourth-down attempts. This is not the same play repeated twice.

Rutgers is back at it again playing something that looks like football. The good news is they got to the plus side of the field and went for it on fourth down (always the smart gamble). The bad news ...

I do really need to give props to my man Chris Lavino at QB for handling what is typically a nightmare situation for a QB with the requisite aplomb. Unfortunately the way Rutgers’ season has gone to date this will probably be the best catch any Scarlet Knight has on the day.

After last week’s savaging at the hands of Michigan, this is marked improvement over last week and I’m proud of you. Midway through the second quarter Rutgers has 191 total yards and 10 first downs, converting 4 of 7 in third-down situations. Unfortunately, they also have three turnovers in the early going as well. One step forward, two snaps backward.