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Army’s punter tried running it for a first down on 4th-and-44. It absolutely did not work.

He tried to face down the whole defense, but might have been just a tad ambitious.

Army matched up against FCS school Lafayette Saturday and cruised to a 62-7 victory, but it was Army punter Nick Schrage who had perhaps the biggest lowlight of this college football weekend.

Army led 35-7 late in the first half when a pair of penalties pushed the Black Knights back to a 4th-and-44. Schrage was in to punt, then suddenly he tried to run with the ball.

It’s unclear whether or not Schrage saw an opening he liked and tried to take advantage or if Army actually called for a designed fake punt here. Either way, hoping that your punter can make all 11 defenders miss and run it 44 yards on one play seems questionable at best.

And as you might have expected, the play did not turn out well.

In addition to getting nowhere near the line of scrimmage, let alone the first down marker, Schrage managed to fumble. Lafayette recovered, not that it mattered.

Fortunately for Army, the play did not adversely affect them too much, as Lafayette threw an interception on the next play.

Army did not attempt another punt for the rest of the game, and Schrage did not make an appearance on the field for any other plays before or after the punt.

(Thanks to @wrjeromemd for pointing this out.)