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Texas A&M's QB went back to Oklahoma's sideline in OU gear to support his brother

People are going to be mad about this because this is the internet, but this is fine.

Trevor Knight spent his bye week in an interesting place: Norman, Oklahoma.

Knight was originally an Oklahoma QB before transferring to Texas A&M.

I think this is fine, especially since it’s literally his brother. Some people are gonna tie themselves in knots trying to explain how Knight’s a #trader or something dumb like that. He’s supporting his family and a program he has a lot of ties to. Bob Stoops isn’t worried about it either, via OU Daily:

“He was around the last couple of days and he’s one of us,” Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. “You spend as much time working, fighting, sweating and bleeding with these guys for four years, so you don’t forget that just because he went somewhere else. You know, we’re proud of him, I’m happy for him, and you’ll never find a better young man. I love the guy. I was glad to call him a couple of weeks ago, they were having some positive things happen, and we connected and I just told him all that.

At least this is a productive use of his bye week time, unlike Ole Miss’ Chad Kelly.